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With the immense growth in the significance and importance of supply chain management and logistics, it has opened plenty of career prospects for individuals. Moreover, individuals with an APICS Certification develop better chances of career advancement and success.

Are you still unsure of what you can do with a supply chain management degree?

Let us have a look at the career options for SCM Professionals.

Before we get on to the career, let us understand why a SCM degree is very much in demand today.

Why should you have an SCM degree?

Individuals equipped with an integrated and comprehensive knowledge of supply chain and logistics stand as potentially strong candidates in the job market. For every retail organization, a supply chain exists which makes it a potential area with multiple employment opportunities.

For a job in supply chain and logistics, you need to be a graduate. But employees prefer candidates with a supply chain management degree over those who have only done graduation. Having a SCM degree will make you stand out of the crowd, as you will have the relevant qualification.

What are the career prospects?

Now, when you have developed an understanding of the subject and industry, let’s start with the career options available for you to pursue after getting an SCM degree.

Operations Manager

You will be responsible for the operations of the organization while directing and coordinating the activities concerned with the production, pricing, sales and distribution of goods. Also, you will have to review the performance data to check the productivity levels.

Logistics Analyst

Responsible for analysing the supply chain processes, a logistics analyst identifies the areas for optimization and improvements. You will maintain the databases, compile and organize all relevant information. Alongside, you will have to provide analysis and feedback in certain areas related to logistics.

Supply Chain Manager

As a supply chain manager, you will coordinate and direct the supply chain processes to enhance customer service, safety and accuracy. You will be monitoring the forecasts and quotas to determine the changes and their effect on the supply chain and logistic activities.

Purchasing Manager

A purchasing manager has to plan and direct the activities of the purchasing officers, buyers and other personnel involved in the purchasing of material, services and products. You will represent the organization in policy formulation and contract negotiation with the suppliers.

Storage and Distribution Manager

You will have the responsibility of overseeing the facility of storage and distribution operations. The managers are also responsible for conducting interviews, selecting and training employees apart from supervising the warehouse personnel. You will also have to develop and implement warehouse safety and security activities.

Logistics Manager

A logistics manager coordinates the purchasing, warehousing, forecasting, distribution, customer service and planning of the organization. The individual has to manage the systems and personnel related to the daily logistics operations. Also, you’ll have to collaborate with departments to streamline the processes.

So, you see, Now, you do not have just one, but multiple choices to choose a career path. You can pick the one that best aligns with your skills and interests. Moreover, no matter what you choose, you can be assured of having a potentially successful career with the right blend of knowledge and skills.

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The certifications and courses offered are in the area of supply chain management, operations, management, production management, material management, demand planning, distribution management, logistics management, theory of constraints and transportation management.

The certifications and endorsements you can get from KnoWerX includes Certified in Planning and Inventory Management (APICS CPIM), Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP), Certified in Logistics, Transportation and Distribution (CLTD) and Supply Chain Operations Reference Professional (SCOR-P).

Individuals can get plenty of benefits from supply chain management courses such as higher recognition, personal development, accelerated career growth, higher success rate, better salary and many more from the courses.

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