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What all I can do after SCM certified?

Individuals are often fascinated by the vast web of complex supply chain processes. The supply chain is concerned with the product life cycle from production to sales. However, before you choose supply chain as your career, it is crucial that you understand the field. Getting a certification in SCM can be the best way to gain the required knowledge and understanding. Well, you have a certificate now. But you are still unsure what to do?

The supply chain involves several aspects having individual functions and processes such as production, inventory, sales and more. They function differently to attain a single objective. Therefore, supply chain professionals get to choose from not one but many career options after getting SCM certified. Here is a rundown of the career possibilities which you can pick from which are listed as follows:

  1. Logistics analyst/ manager

Managing or analyzing the supply chain processes while identifying ways to optimize the processes is what a logistics manager/ analyst is responsible for. Also, they have to maintain and manage databases and information for different processes/ functions.

  1. Operations manager

Concerned with the overall operations management of the organization, the operations manager is required to direct and coordinate activities related to production, sales as well as distribution. Reviewing performance data and identifying improvement areas is another job responsibility.

  1. Purchasing agent/ manager

Purchasing agents are concerned with the purchasing aspect of the establishment. From preparing orders to making bids and proposals, everything comes under them. For purchasing managers, the duties stand as planning, directing, managing, recruiting, and training the purchasing department.

  1. Supply chain manager

The primary job responsibilities of a supply chain manager are to direct and coordinate the processes in the supply chain while increasing accuracy and efficiency. Also, they are responsible for developing procedures to improve the processes and coordinate with other departments to streamline the processes at all times. This ensures that all the processes are performed with ease.

  1. Storage and distribution manager

Supervising the storage and distribution processes stand as the basic responsibilities of a storage and distribution manager. Also, they have to manage the warehouse stock as well as staff along with recruiting and training whenever required. They are also responsible for ensuring warehouse safety for the inventory as well as staff/ personnel always.

Apart from this, supply chain management has several interesting career options. There is no single answer for what you can do after you are SCM certified. Moreover, professionals should choose a career path that goes well along with their skills and interests.

With any SCM certification, you obtain a broad foundation of knowledge and skills. With the experience and training, you might ensure leads to opening several career paths and opportunities as well. Therefore, regardless of the supply chain position or career path you choose, you need to be the best at it. You should feel content in contributing your part and working with complete efficiency to get the best results.


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