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Principles Forecasting and Demand Management Education Program

Why do you need to earn the APICS FDP Designation?

Now more than ever, especially in a difficult economy, it is imperative to have a better handle on the operations and what drives it, good forecasts & plans. The result can equal millions of dollars added to the company’s cash flow and bottom line.

The APICS FDP Program/Designation?

Much of the success of enterprise planning and decision making depends on the formulation of accurate forecasts. Forecasting permits firms to establish performance measurements for customer service, plan the level of total inventory investment, choose between alternative operating strategies, and develop assumptions about the stability of the business to respond to the future needs of the marketplace. This one-day workshop will focus on Forecasting and Demand Management.


At the KnoWerX Education Pvt Ltd,  we offer training brought to your location, saving you travel costs and expanding training opportunities to include employees that would otherwise be unable to travel. Our emphasis on improving your company’s demand planning, forecasting, and S&OP methods and processes will have an immediate impact on your company. KnoWerX senior educators will use their wealth of real-world experience to provide valuable education for empowering employees, uniting departments, gaining consensus, minimizing inventory and improving customer fulfillment & retention during any market condition. Plus, it is geared towards professionals of all levels!

  • Benchmarks & Best practices: Get access to valuable benchmarking data, as well as best practices that successful companies are using to win in this turbulent economy. Identify the gaps in regards to your people, processes, and technology and learn what action plans are required to correct them through hands-on learning.
  • Save Money & Unlock the Power of your ERP / Demand Planning Solution: Learn to leverage the power of your ERP for improved demand planning & forecasting. Most companies only utilize a small percentage of their system’s features.
  • Valuable Bonus Materials: Case studies, exercises, data-sets, templates, and complete presentation slides
  • Time and Location Flexibility: Workshops can be held at your office, or any location in the world at any time with adequate notice.
  • 10 People or More: Enroll up to 10 employees for the same flat fee plus expenses (greater than 10 extra)
  • Supply Chain Impact: This program will benefit those on the supply chain side looking to understand how demand planning drives decisions.
  • Demand Planning & Forecasting Audit (Optional): Let the experts  review your processes, data, and people as compared to Best Practices and quickly identify the opportunities to preserve cash at an added cost.

  Plus, our focus on Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) and the role of Demand Management will guide you and your colleagues through implementing techniques that will immediately help your company to reach its goals

KnoWerX’s training program is a comprehensive curriculum that is based on over 25 years of researching and fostering the recognition and growth of demand planning, forecasting, and S&OP. At the same time it is continuously reviewed to ensure it matches the needs of businesses and practitioners today. Please contact KnoWerX Education Pvt Ltd on +91 77389 26464/tcd@knowerx.com for registration and training outline.

Running a bespoke in-house training course has a lot of benefits.

As opposed to an “open” or “public” training course, an in-house bespoke course can focus on the identified organisational needs of the company be they short or long term.

Staff are familiar with the parameters and the culture within which everybody works. As a group, they more readily recognise the challenges and issues facing the business as well as the strengths and opportunities of it.

It allows for in-house issues to be addressed, dissected and examined.
Moreover, post course it provides a shared and recognised standard which all of the attendees can relate to and apply the value of in the workplace.

Successful management development programmes should result in managers being able to apply and sustain their newly learned skills and behaviours in the workplace.

A supportive organisational culture is a key factor in the successful implementation and dissemination of learning in the workplace.

A supportive culture means one where there is open dialogue across all levels of the organisation and where respect and recognition for all employees is embedded and visible.  


Onsite training is cost-effective, allowing a flexible headcount in attendance whilst incurring the cost of the training facilitator/s as opposed to a delegate cost per head on a public training course. 

It requires less organisation than offsite training and travel logistics and costs are similarly removed from the equation.


Taking time out of the office for your team to develop their skills together can be a great team-building exercise, and provides a unique opportunity to discuss issues specific to your organisation with our expert trainers who bring added value from delivering bespoke and open training programmes across a range of business sectors.

By it’s nature course attendees, facilitated by the trainer, develop a greater awareness of the skillsets of their colleagues where, for the course duration, any hierarchical lines are blurred and interaction is encouraged. 


Bespoke in-house courses can be scheduled to the convenience of the business rather than relate to the availability of scheduled public courses in remote locations.

Development and maintaining accurate forecasts is critical to effective decision making at all levels of the organization. Effective forecasting will enable the firm’s managers to accurately project expected demand on the business’s resources. Topics discussed include:

  • Forecasting functions
  • Four levels of forecasting
  • Defining demand
  • Universal principles of forecast management
  • Forecasting process
  • Benefits of forecast accuracy
  • Qualitative, quantitative and causal forecasting techniques
  • Why forecasts fail
  • Case study & discussion questions

This continues the discussion on forecasting by focusing on understanding, determining and working with forecast error. Included is a deeper investigation into customer and demand management – centering on a review of customer relationship management (CRM) and how it assists in the development of the overall demand plan that will be transmitted to sales and operations planning (S&OP) and master production scheduling (MPS). Topics discussed include:

  • Defining demand management
  • Components of demand management
  • Demand management in the MPC system
  • Forecast performance
  • Calculating and measuring forecast error
  • Mean and standard deviation of forecast error
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Customer service management
  • Demand management technology tools
  • Demand management performance
  • Case study and discussion questions
  • Forecasting Managers
  • Demand Managers
  • Material Planners
  • Production Planners
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • Buyers
  • Procurement
  • Middle Management
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