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KnoWerX PGP: Course in Master Scheduling (CMS)

KnoWerX PGP Series of Programs and Benefits

“KnoWerX Professional Growth Program” series of education, leading to various certificates, is aimed at professionals to be able to get deeper understanding of concepts on which businesses and ERPs (like SAP) runs to improve their own individual performance and performance of their organizations.

Benefits to individuals include more practice oriented knowledge, better job readiness for the corporate world, improved performance on the job, ability to use ERP (like SAP) better, added advantage when applying for jobs, greater preference by corporates, etc. All of these would obviously lead to higher pay and faster job placements.

Benefits to organizations include better trained work force, improved ROI on ERP / technology investments, etc. All these would obviously lead to better productivity, effective business processes, reduction in errors and rework, etc. that would add to competitive advantage, growth and profitability.

Course in Master Scheduling (CMS)

Master Scheduling (MS) is the detailed scheduling process that schedules manufacturing or supply output and matches this against customer orders or forecasts usually in daily or weekly buckets. The master schedule is disaggregation of Production Plan, an output of Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP).


The master scheduling will determine when specific products will be made available to fulfil demand, and what manufacturing or supply capacity is still available to promise for new customer demand. Using this master schedule, Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) is carried out that calculates the quantity and timing of purchase and production orders needed to satisfy the Master Schedule.

This program covers practice-oriented and ERP-oriented master scheduling systems. Better scheduling results not only in reduced inventory investment but also improves customer service, avoids stock-outs, reduces production disruptions, reduces premium freight and other costs incurred in expediting, reduces other costs and ensures proper utilization of resources.


Participants must have basic knowledge of business management concepts and process flows especially in sales and distribution, and, materials management domain.

Target Audience

This program must be attended by everyone in an organization who is directly or indirectly related to materials management, inventory management and/or provide support, including but not limited to:

  • Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) Coordinators
  • Master Schedulers
  • Supply / Production Planners
  • Material Planners
  • Production Managers
  • Distribution Managers
  • Logistics Managers
  • Sourcing Managers
  • Purchase Managers
  • Inventory Controllers
  • Cost Controllers
  • Cost Accountants
  • Master Data Maintenance Team Members
  • Business Analysts / Business Consultants
  • Information Technology Consultants supporting above functions

Topics Covered

  • Overview of Master Scheduling (MS)
  • Which Materials to Master Schedule?
  • Planning Bill of Material
  • Creation of Master Production Schedule (MPS)
    • Time Fences
    • Time Zones
    • Planning Horizon
  • Managing Forecast
  • Managing Customer Orders
    • Available-to-Promise
    • Capable-to-Promise
  • Rough-Cut Capacity Planning (RCCP)
  • Schedules for Plants & Suppliers
  • Support to Make-to-Stock (MTS) Strategy
  • Support to Make-to-Order (MTO) Strategy
  • Capacity Only Master Scheduling
  • Traits, Responsibilities and Activities of Master Scheduler
  • Success Criteria of Master Scheduling

Primary Reference Materials
Customized hand-outs from KnoWerX will be given to participants.

Secondary Reference Materials
Participants must source and study other books authored by practitioners, world-wide web, ERP documentation, etc. to prepare for exam and get deeper insight.

Duration and Teaching Methodology
The program will be covered in 8-10 instructor-led online sessions each of 1-1.5 hours.

Exam Preparation Methodology
Training and self-study.

Exam Format
50 multiple choice questions to be answered in one hour. There is no penalty for giving wrong answer. Participant must score 75% or above to pass the exam.

The exam is based on body of knowledge and not limited to hand-outs or a text book. So, questions may come from outside the hand-out also.

The exam tests the concept and not the memorization of study materials. Basically, it tests skills at the “application” level of Bloom’s Taxonomy, so that participant is able to solve unseen problems in real business situations.

A certificate will be issued to all participants who pass the exam.

Total cost is ₹14,750 per participant (including 18% GST) subject to a minimum of 10 participants. The cost includes the hand-out, 8-10 online sessions and the exam.