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Considered as a sought-after certificate in supply chain management and logistics, APICS CPIM certification is deemed very valuable by supply chain professionals. APICS holds its place as a major authority in the supply chain management domain. Moreover, it advocates the certification to be an improvement step for better career opportunities. Alongside, it can boost your knowledge and value for any organization besides your earning potential.

Though this supply chain certification is beneficial, it comes along with a degree of difficulty. The exam is not easy to pass. Instead, it would require proper studies, material, and attention towards the subjects and topics. The candidates are required to pass two exams in 3 years duration. Also, they will have to maintain their CPIM designation every five years.

To pass the exam, the candidates should get a scaled score of 300 on every test. All the questions carry a certain difficulty level that allows comparability of the exams. However, considering the pass rate results, undertaking and passing all exams is not a cakewalk.

However, you can gain this valuable supply chain management and logistics by understanding the concepts, hard work, dedication, and the best study material. You can also follow a few tips which will help you prepare better for the exams.

  1. Making a study plan is important. Based on your experience, study preferences, and other factors, you can formulate a plan. A recommended study time is 100 hours for each exam. However, the study time varies depending on the exam you take.
  2. Connect to professionals. You will require your certification knowledge in your professional life only. Therefore, it is best to get in touch with professionals in the field. Through this, you can gain insights into the practical side and increase your knowledge pool.
  3. Schedule your CPIM exam. Never wait for the last moments to schedule your exam. So, determine when you want to take the exam and develop a study plan based on it.
  4. The practice is the key. Apart from studying, you should practice the questions and review your performance. With this, you can determine the areas you need to work on and your strong points.
  5. Stay calm and centered. While you are taking the exam, ensure that you stay focused. Also, do not hurry the things but read carefully. Also, it is best to go through the answers once at the end.
  6. Be confident. It is best to stay confident and cheerful throughout the exam. Exam stress can often lead to errors while attempting questions.

Through the certification, you will understand the concepts and definitions of the supply chain in an organization. You will also understand the fundamental relationship between the activities that take place in the supply chain starting from the supplier to customers. Supply chain management courses are an excellent opportunity to take your expertise and career to a new level. Therefore, you should properly focus on preparing for the exam with your highest efficiency.



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