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certification in supply chain management

Certification in supply chain management has become a pre-requisite in companies from across the world

Globalization has led the manufacturers to reach out to global clients in the new markets and it also led them to procure materials from various other countries across the globe. This has increased not just the challenges in doing business but also opened up fresh risks. For any company to be able to address these competencies, it is important to run an efficient supply chain management team.

What should you know about getting certified in the supply chain management field?

The APICS designation is the certificate in supply chain management and logistics that is recognized widely by professionals in the supply chain management field across the world. The APICS lets the candidates get mastery over the best practices of supply chain management and they are able to demonstrate their significant commitment to the career and to the profession.  This course on supply chain management and logistics lets one distinguish themselves as industry experts which lets them apply their new skill learned to improve the process of the business.

How does the course upskill you?

The APICS course from Knowerx lets you align the supply chain process and its capabilities with the strategic goals of any business. The participants get a clear understanding of the roles of the organization as well as the supply chain infrastructure. The course has been designed for professionals who are seeking to improve their knowledge in the field of supply chain management. It is also beneficial for those who are currently working in other fields that are related to supply chain management like professional consultants.

Learning from the course

Here is what you learn from the course:

  • You will be able to manage the horizontal business flows in the business when the companies are organized
  • It helps the participants to align the importance of the company’s corporate strategy along with the strategy of the supply chain.
  • It allows using the right technology that helps to enable the supply chain.
  • It teaches the core supply chain management and how it is excellent for supplier-customer relationship management.
  • It helps to continuously improve, be flexible and make the supply chain agile which will be awarded the ROI and its ongoing success

Who should be attending the course?                 

The certificate in supply chain management and logistics is beneficial for the supply chain and operations professionals around the globe who will gain knowledge and will be able to sharpen their skills when they attend the course.


The supply chain process is now used by many organizations in a set of steps that help to transform the raw components into a final product that is meaningful. The stages of a supply chain include planning, development, building, delivering, and return.

Initially, the process of SCM was adopted by the organizations in order to achieve a lot of operational efficiencies and to reduce costs. However, when you consider the competitive market today, the SCM helps to entail the strategic positioning of the end to end business process and this helps to achieve economic value.