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Prospective employers would frequently search for Six Sigma or Lean Six Sigma certifications if you are pursuing a career in Quality Management in the manufacturing, pharmaceutical, healthcare, technology, or service industries.Lean and Six Sigma are divided into two tracks, each

Because of the cyclical nature of business and market instability, Supply Chain Management and Logistics are always at risk. With risk management still in its infancy, Supply Chain Management will need to grow significantly. Risk will rise and become more

Six Sigma Certification is a quality management philosophy that gives organizations a roadmap for improving operations and reducing unproductive behaviors that contribute to poor customer service. Companies may use the Lean Six Sigma approach to focus on producing and delivering

In this fiercely competitive world, individuals need to have specializations in niche fields as an imperative step towards professional and personal growth. Having specializations also set an individual apart from the pool of competitors in today's job market. You can

Expecting an organization to manufacture and distribute a product with Six Sigma efficiency can seem to be an unrealistic task. However, this is possible, as several successful companies have proven this by having well-operated supply chains which are managed by

A supply chain management system, attributed nonprofessional synonym for logistics, is a critical part of a business no matter what the nature of goods and services is. Whether it is handling, mobility, procurement and more, the supply chain exists everywhere.

Critical to ensuring the success of e-commerce business, business efficiency is required at all levels of operation. Supply Chain Management and Logistics stand as the essential component of an eCommerce business. The supply chain aspect in e-commerce emphasizes procuring raw

With the immense growth in the significance and importance of supply chain management and logistics, it has opened plenty of career prospects for individuals. Moreover, individuals with an APICS Certification develop better chances of career advancement and success.Are you still

Do you consider Supply Chain Management and Logistics as the same?Are they interconnected?Well, it has been a question of a dilemma for a long time for many individuals. However, people Certified in Planning and Inventory Management (CPIM) or supply chain