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This course deals with priority and capacity management through the use of material requirements planning (MRP), capacity management, capacity requirements planning (CRP), production activity control (PAC), and just-in- time (JIT).

This course explores the execution of the production plan and master production schedule, reactions to capacity constraints, and maintenance of individual order control.


To provide an introduction to manufacturing management core concepts and activities related to production planning, scheduling and process control.

  •  Operations Management Foundations
  •  Introduction to Manufacturing Management
  •  Manufacturing Product Structures
  •  Basics of Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
  •  Managing with MRP
  •  Capacity Planning and Management
  •  Production Activity Control
  •  Advanced Scheduling
  •  Lean Production Management

There are mid-term and final exam as a part of this course, but requires additional time for taking in the training. Alternatively it can be given as self-assessment to participants.

  • Business Process Designers and Implementers
  •  Change Managers and Implementers
  •  Consultants in Operations Management
  •  ERP Functional Consultants
  •  Master Planners and Schedulers
  •  Operations Heads
  •  Operations Managers
  •  Operations Planners
  •  Supply Chain Managers
  • Approx. 36 hours (4 to 6 days) with case study and examination
  • Approx. 18 hours (3 days) without case study and examination
  • A certification of participation is awarded by APICS after successful completion of this course.