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The APICS Lean Enterprise Workshop Series is a comprehensive and systematic approach to the lean transformation process. The APICS Lean Enterprise Workshop Series is a seven-module course that has been designed to meet the demand for expert knowledge in the marketplace. Participants will conduct analyses to decrease lead times and reduce excess inventory, participate in continuous improvement exercises (kaizen), map the value stream, complete an organizational self-assessment to determine the challenges implementing lean, and, draft a detailed lean implementation plan for their organization.



  • To complete a self-assessment to determine your organization’s readiness to implement lean
  • To gain practical experience analyzing how to incorporate lean into organizations
  • To obtain broad knowledge of lean enterprise solutions
  • To prepare a practical project plan for implementing lean into your organization


  •  Workshop 1: Introduction: Educate Organization, Assess Readiness, Define Product Families
  •  Workshop 2: Lean Culture: Plan for Change, Create Teams, Select Pilot Product Family
  •  Workshop 3: Value Stream Mapping: Map Current-State Value Stream, Map Future-State Value Stream, Plan Implementation
  •  Workshop 4: Stability and Process Improvement: Stabilize Demand & Processes, Improve Processes
  •  Workshop 5: Just-in- Time: Calculate Customer Demand, Standardize Work, Create Flow, Implement Pull, Develop Schedules
  •  Workshop 6: Measuring: Define Metrics, Deploy Lean Accounting
  •  Workshop 7: Sustaining: Design for Lean, Continuously Improve Quality, Sustain Lean


Target Audience

  •  Business Heads
  •  Business Process Designers and Implementers
  •  Change Managers and Implementers
  •  Consultant in Supply Chain Management
  •  Consultants in Logistics Management
  •  Consultants in Operations Management
  •  Logistics Managers
  •  Master Planners and Schedulers
  •  Material Managers
  •  Material Planners
  •  Operations Heads
  •  Operations Managers
  •  Operations Planners
  •  Quality Managers
  •  Supply Chain Managers



  • Seven workshops of approx. 3.5 hours each (half day each), or, one single workshop of approx. 25 hours (3 to 4 days)



  • A certification of participation is awarded by APICS after successful completion of this course.