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This course provides non supply chain management professionals with an opportunity to gain an insider’s view of supply chain management (SCM).

It offers fundamental knowledge of the functions of SCM and is designed to quickly and effectively educate team members who interact with or support supply chain activities, helping to increase efficiency and generate great ideas for improvement.


Learn the basic terminology used in SCM and be able to more effectively communicate withSCM teams

The more fully integrated as a part of the team supporting the increasingly important SCM function

Understand the basic elements of SCM and how improvements in processes and communication can lead to increased overall customer satisfaction and profitability


  • Part 1: Defining Customer-Focused Supply Chain Management
  1. Basics of Customer-Focused SCM
  2. The Customer and SCM
  3. Performance Measures for SCM
  4. Benefits and Financial Impact of SCM
  • Part 2: Key Elements in Customer-Focused SCM
  1. Globalization and SCM
  2. Outsourcing and SCM
  3. Risk Management, Security, and Compliance
  4. Collaboration
  5. Information Technology
  6. Lean/Six Sigma/Agile/Theory of Constraints (TOC)
  7. Service/Product Design
  8. Sustainability
  • Part 3: Key Processes Supporting Customer-Focused SCM
  1. Overview
  2. Operational Planning and Control
  3. Supply Management
  4. Distribution Management
  5. Key Success Factors
  6. Post Test
  • Anyone or everyone who is not in the supply chain management domain but is influencing or influenced by SCM
  • Lower level executives
  • Store workers/managers
  • Approx. 7hours (1 day)
  • All policies and procedures in this information booklet are subject to change. 31
  • A certification of participation is awarded by APICS after successful completion of this course.