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The BSCM review course provides a comprehensive introduction to the concepts and practices of supply chain management. Through basic definitions and practical exercises, BSCM provides the foundations for understanding the planning and control of products and services in the supply chain and the fundamental relationships occurring between customers and suppliers.

The course covers types of manufacturing and service systems, forecasting, master scheduling, material requirements planning, capacity management, production activity control, purchasing, inventory management, and distribution. Four management philosophies are covered: enterprise resource planning, lean, quality management, and theory of constraints.


To give a general overview of internal supply chain management

To build up common management language

To set up foundation for study of other CPIM modules

To help in preparing for APICS Basics of Supply Chain Management exam

To transfer knowledge of internal supply chain management processes

  •  Introduction to Supply Chain Management
  •  Demand Management
  •  Master Planning
  •  Material Requirement Planning (MRP)
  •  Capacity Management and Production Activity Control
  •  Aggregate Inventory Management
  •  Item Inventory Management
  •  Purchasing and Physical Distribution
  •  Lean and Quality Systems
  •  Theory of Constraints
  • Anyone and everyone in an organization, irrespective of the functional area
  •  Consultants in Operations Management
  •  Consultant in Supply Chain Management
  •  ERP Developers
  •  ERP Implementation Experts
  •  Individuals preparing for APICS CPIM Basics of Supply Chain Management exam

None. However, for the best learning experience, it is recommended that participants completely go through the print and online contents of participant hand-out before coming to the class. Participant Hand-outs APICS CPIM Basics of Supply Chain Management Participant Workbook (2 volumes) with Basics of Supply Chain Management section of the APICS CPIM Exam Content Manual and APICS CPIM Study All policies and procedures in this information booklet are subject to change. 8 Tools—an online learning environment that contains presentation slides and assessments to complement APICS CPIM learning experience.

  • Minimum time required to cover the course materials: approx. 17-18 hours (3 days)
  •  An additional 1 day is required for more discussions
  •  An additional 1 days is required for performance check at the end of each session
  •  An additional 0.5 day is required for pre-test
  •  An additional 0.5 day is required for post-test
  •  An additional 0.5 day is required for optional problem solving in participant workbook
  •  An additional 0.5 days is required for vocabulary check in participant workbook
  •  An additional 2 days are required for mutual experience sharing by participants
  •  An additional 14 days are required to prepare and cover a live case study based on actual working of the company with actual examples
  • A laptop with a USB port, MS-Office PowerPoint software and a projector
  •  PowerPoint presenter with laser pointer
  •  White-board with markers
  •  Flip chart with at least 20 blank sheets
  •  Digital camera
  •  All participants must carry a laptop with Internet access for accessing online content from the class
  •  Sign-up sheets
  •  Name tents
  •  Feedback forms
  • A certification of participation is awarded by APICS after successful completion of this course.