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APICS Certification

APICS is an association for supply chain management and provides various certification courses. It is a non-profit international educational organization. The main aim of this organization was to develop end-to-end supply chain management more. It not only provides the training tools but also provides opportunities to build networks and enhance workplace performance. It was formed in 1957 by 20 production control managers. APICS is the abbreviated term for American Production and Inventory Control Society. The Supply Chain Council unified with APICS in 2014 and APICS unified with the American Society of Transportation and Logistics in 2015. The initial mission of this organization was to define a common language and framework of supply chains. The original framework consisted of four basic processes –

  • Plan
  • Source
  • Make
  • Deliver

This organization provides several professional certifications like CPIM, CSCP, and CLTD. They are described below in brief.

APICS Certificate Courses

  • CPIM – APICS CPIM or APICS Certified in Production and Inventory Management is a professional course provided by APICS. It was introduced in 1973. Since it was introduced, around 100,000 have earned this APICS certification. APICS CPIM professionals learn the terms and ideas related to demand management, supplier management, planning of material requirements, planning of capacity requirements, planning of sales and operations, quality assessment, and sustained improvement. This course will approximately take around 175-225 hours to complete.
  • CSCP – APICS CSCP or APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional provides in-depth knowledge and management skills for developing more streamlined operations. It focuses more on building strategies on how to decrease the cost of production by monitoring the entire supply chain process and looking outside the internal options. Since this certification course started more than 24,000 professionals have earned this certificate in about 100 countries.
  • CLTD – APICS CLTD or APICS Certified Logistics, Transportation, and Distribution provide ideas about the range of supply chain logistics concepts. The CLTD certificate was launched in 2016. It stresses more on streamline logistics, transportation, distribution, warehouse, and inventory management. This course is based on the study of storing and transporting the goods to the consumer so that the customer receives the goods at right time and in perfect quality. This course approximately takes around 75-100 hours. More than 1000 people have earned this certificate since it was introduced.

Supply chain management is a very complex process and these certifications will help you to achieve a clear understanding of the concepts and the related terms. Supply chain management gives a competitive edge to every business model and therefore it is very important to be implemented. Logistics and Supply chain management courses make you a complete professional and help you in achieving a more strategized approach to enhance the performance of your company. To bridge the gap between you and the related supply chain management terms we conduct talk shows on such topics frequently which will help you to have a broader idea about the entire processes of logistics and supply chain management. Our talk show is completely planned to enlighten you with the above topics in simple terms.